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Digital and technology transformation

The digital transformation of products, services and processes offers many opportunities to increase efficiency and sales and is essential in order to survive in the market. This transformation poses challenges, such as acquiring knowledge about new technologies, changing processes, but also developing new approaches to reorganising the company and implementation in IT (e.g. agile projects).

PKF can help you to develop and implement your company-specific digitalisation strategy

Our range of services includes:

  • Industry-specific digitalisation strategies and roadmaps
  • IT architecture assessments and optimisation
  • Design of (hybrid) IT architectures
  • Introduction of DevOps
  • Introduction of agile models
  • Adaptation and optimisation of IT governance
  • Support for IT carve-outs

Analytics and applied artificial intelligence

Enormous amounts of data are collected in a company’s business processes. One goal of digitalisation is to use this data for new data-based services and business models.

The integration of new big data technologies and artificial intelligence into existing processes is another building block of digitalisation. Decision-making processes in operative business can thus be made on a complete database (big data) and processes can be (partially) automated by self-learning algorithms.

Our services:

  • Definition and piloting of industry-specific big data and AI-use cases
  • Design of modern AI stacks
  • Design of AI-aaS models and infrastructures
  • Design of specific advanced algorithms (AI)
  • Design and introduction of business analytics tools
  • Technology and manufacturer selection
  • PKF industry-specific AI solutions (e.g. energy data analysis, predictive maintenance)

Robotics process automation in accounting and control processes

Both accounting-relevant processes and the internal control system under commercial and tax law involve many monotonous, repetitive activities and controls. Examples of this include reconciliation actions, control requests for VAT ID numbers from EU suppliers or debtors, and control of incoming packages for consolidation to ensure completeness.

Due to expansion, networking of processes with suppliers and customers and for many other reasons, these activities are increasing in number and are tying up your human resources.

Our services:

  • We can help you to identify process steps and process-independent controls that are suitable for automation. For this purpose, we use our heat maps which we have prepared for various industries and corporate functions.
  • We automate the activities identified in the form of so-called robots.
  • We train your employees in the use of these robots.
  • Together with you, we will develop your internal communications with the works council and employees within the framework of change management.
  • If required, we can take over control of the robots developed for you within the framework of business process outsourcing.

For more details of the services offered by our PKF Fasselt Consulting GmbH:

Bulk data analysis

We offer solutions for targeted evaluation of large amounts of data for different applications and industries.

  • Cash register data analysis

Retail companies have a strong internal control system to ensure that all sales data is recorded in financial accounting. Nevertheless, there are discrepancies between the original cash data stored and financial accounting. There are many reasons for this, including exceptional cases, such as errors at the cash register and in cash register data archiving. In part, however, this is also due to unknown system-inherent errors in the processing of POS data in the many IT applications involved.   

If the tax audit finds gaps in the cash register data or discrepancies between cash register data and financial accounting, the tax authority will reject cash register accounting as irregular and estimate the cash register revenues.

Our service:     
We analyse your cash register data for gaps and other irregularities and reconcile them with the postings in financial accounting.

  • Link to the bulk data analysis section (energy section):
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