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Important Information / Disclaimer

By using the PKF Fasselt website and other internet addresses, which link to the address, the user agrees to the following terms and conditions:

The information contained in this website is not a complete presentation and can not replace tax or any other professional advice which is adjusted to the particularity of each individual case. We endeavour to secure that the content of this website is correct and up to date. Nevertheless, you should individually consult a professional advisor before deciding to or not to make decisions.

Every trademark, which appears on this website and is eventually legally protected by a third party, is subject to the respective trademark law and to the right of possession of the respective registered owner.

The legal entities mentioned in the imprint of this website explicitly declare that there was or is no influence on the arrangement, content and function of the websites connected by links or other techniques (e.g. banners). The legal entities explicitly dissociate from all contents of the websites connected by links or other techniques (e.g. banners) with pages of this website and declare not to adopt the content of such other websites.

Disclaimer of Liability

PKF Fasselt is, as a content provider in accordance with Art. 7, paragraph 1 of the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz (TMG)), responsible for its “own content“ made avail-able for use at in accordance with general legislation. A distinction is to be made between the provider’s own content and any cross-references (links) to content made available by other providers. By virtue of the links, PKF Fasselt does to that extent make “third-party content” available for use. However, PKF Fasselt hereby expressly declares that no influence on design, content and functions of the websites connected via links or other technical means (e.g. banners) exists or has ever existed. PKF Fasselt expressly disassociates itself from the content of the websites connected via links or other technical means (e.g. banners) with all of the pages of this internet site. The third-party content was checked during the initial creation of the link to see whether any possible responsibility under civil law or criminal law is triggered. However, it cannot be excluded that the content will be subsequently altered by the respective providers. PKF Fasselt does not constantly check the content for changes which could constitute a new responsibility. Should you be of the opinion that the linked external sites violate applicable law or that their content is otherwise inappropriate, please let us know.

We prepared the information contained in this website carefully and do our best to review and renew the information permanently. Nevertheless, we are not able to bear the responsibility for the correctness, actuality, completeness and current availability of our contents. We are also not liable for the contents of our website to be suitable for the user and its purposes. We accept no liability with regard to decisions made by the user according to the contents. We exclusively give binding disclosures, consultancy, recommendations or explanations during individual communication.

According to the technically and economically feasible state of the art we ensure that usual precautions against the transmission of computer viruses are taken. We explicitly accept no liability for damages caused by computer viruses. We explicitly refer to common knowledge that there are risks connected with using internet and email caused by computer viruses or internet attacks. For this reason the user has the obligation to review the contents received by websites (e.g. downloads or email) with regard to computer viruses or other risks.

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