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The pension scheme as instrument of strategic corporate planning

The company pension plan plays a great role as a part of the overall remuneration system in companies. It is an important strategic instrument in competition for well qualified employees, in the motivation of staff or for the securing of executive personnel.

In order to meaningfully employ this instrument of human resources management, it is necessary to know both its benefits and the great legal complexity as well as to keep track of the costs and risks for the company and to meaningfully balance them out.

Within the scope of our holistic approach to consulting we develop, in the dialogue with you, a customised pension system orientated to the company’s success and the objectives defined by you.

Our consulting services focus on:

  • the development of comprehensive company pension plan concepts
  • the risk analysis
  • the restructuring /outsourcing of existing pension plans (in particular in the case of define benefit plans with pension provisions)
  • harmonisation of the pension plan concepts after corporate transactions 
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