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Meeting obligations, providing security, enabling control

A central area of our range of services is annual audits. These range from the carrying out of the classic annual audit of a sole proprietorship according to commercial law principles as far as the auditing of IFRS consolidated financial statements of listed companies.

For an efficient audit performance we analyse your company and its objectives and structure the audit process in a consistently transparent and comprehensible manner. In continuous dialogue, questions can be clarified directly and problems can be recognised at an early stage so that the audit can be completed smoothly and on schedule.

Decisive for the efficient audit performance is a qualified, stable audit team that is also adequate to demanding national or international tasks. Our partner-led teams contribute, besides comprehensive qualifications, also multi-faceted experience of the sector and extensive special knowledge of complex accounting processes or IT solutions.

The partners and employees of PKF are actively engaged on German and international bodies which define the standards for accounting. In that way we play an active part in shaping developments and changes.

The basis for successful auditing 


Partner management also always means personal responsibility – for the audit result just as much as for the course of the audit. As public accountants we are aware of the great responsibility and the expectations which people have of us.


As a network of auditing companies, which can partly look back on a tradition of more than 80 years, we strictly maintain our independence. Hence we have become big in Germany and strong internationally. The PKF auditor report enjoys a high level of acceptance.

Quality through qualification

We invest a lot in the training and further training of the employees. Our highly qualified audit teams ensure that even complex international problems are solved expertly.

Audit team stability

By means of the low personnel turnover at PKF, the composition of the audit teams remains stable. This continuity ensures that the know-how about your company is retained and guarantees an effective auditing process.

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