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Early planning ensures sustainable solutions

Inheritance law provides entrepreneurs and family-owned companies with different strategic options: exemptions and benefits are to be made use of and obligations are to be met.

We support you with the clarification of the large variety of issues in succession planning in the company as well as with contracts of inheritance and contracts of donation and answer your personal questions on last will and testament and powers of attorney. The basis is our many years of experience in the implementation of succession management also in the international context.

Management succession should at all costs be planned at an early stage and systematically. The generation-overarching preservation of assets and the safeguarding of the corporate structure have top priority in this area.

With special tools we analyse the potential for optimisation in the case of inheritance and gift tax as well as for the full use of exemption provisions in the case of the continuation of the business.

Decisive for the business succession is, moreover, avoiding conflicts within the family and between shareholders and safeguarding liquidity. Our intention in this case is always to create economic added value for the total assets of the entrepreneur family.

Our range of services:

  • Arranging the entrepreneur succession – nationally and internationally
  • Asset protection planning for generation-overarching protection of assets
  • Planning and asset succession including the structuring of last wills and testaments and contracts of donation
  • Optimisation of the inheritance and gift tax
  • Carrying out of the execution of a will
  • Drawing up of a personal health care power of attorney and patients’ living wills
  • Advice on foundations as instruments of succession planning (in particular family foundations)
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