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Labour and social law

PKF Fasselt advises managing boards, managing directors and human resources managers on issues relating to labour and social law. Our focus in this case is directed towards comprehensive consulting for our clients with reference to their respective specific requirements. For this our services extend from support in day-to-day business to assistance with complex restructuring measures.

Our services in detail:

  • Consulting for national and international clients in general individual and collective labour law
  • Review and preparation of service contracts and contracts of employment
  • Review and preparation of winding-up and cancellation agreements
  • Advice on questions involving the structuring of non-competition clauses, confidentiality clauses and bonus agreements
  • Structuring and implementation of personnel adjustment measures, outsourcing, employment and qualification organization (EQO)
  • Cooperation within the scope of national and international corporate transactions during the performance of legal due diligence audits
  • Advice for employers concerning the implementation of transfers of operations, changes in operations, obligations of the reconciliation of interests and social compensation plan/redundancy scheme
  • Advice on the deployment of outside personnel (particularly in the case of temporary employment)
  • Design and review of company retirement schemes
  • Advice and handling in the case of foreign assignment
  • Questions relating to social insurance law from and in connection with the service and employment relationship
  • Representation throughout the Federal Republic of Germany before all Labour Courts, Regional Labour Courts, the Federal Labour Court and Social Courts
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