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Business mediation – autonomous conflict resolution

Perhaps you have also at some time made the experience that objective discussions are marked by personal emotions and often end in differences in human relationships and in court disputes. Such tensions can occur, for example, during cooperation in teams, support for restructuring processes as well as in national or international business relations. Court proceedings entail disadvantages for business companies; they are costly, lengthy, have an uncertain outcome and lead to emotional stress. As an alternative, the conflict resolution method of business mediation presents itself as an instrument of out-of-court dispute settlement and hence as an alternative to state court proceedings. For the resolution of your conflicts, PKF Fasselt will be glad to assist you as a mediator.

With the principle of confidentiality and the chance of arriving at a future-oriented solution quickly and without complications, business mediation is like no other dispute settlement instrument suitable for avoiding public disputes without damaging the reputation of a conflict party. The mediator, as the impartial third party, supports the conflict parties which develop a solution on their own responsibility, from which both sides benefit. There are no winners or losers. A win-win situation is striven for that makes it possible for those involved to cooperate further on an equal footing.

Your advantages of business mediation:

  • Cost and time savings: as compared with other out-of-court dispute settlement methods or in-court conflict resolution, business mediation is a time-saving and cost-controlled alternative.
  • Personal responsibility of the parties to the conflict: in that way the setting-up of communication structures is made possible which can help to resolve conflicts also for the future and at the same time to have entrepreneurial objectives incorporated in them.
  • Win-win solutions: business mediation is used for future-oriented and sustainable resolution of conflicts by clarification of the actual interests of the parties involved and makes further cooperation, unencumbered by the past, possible for them.
  • External mediator: an external mediator is not tied into the corporate structures and hierarchies. It is neutral and helps the parties without bias with an eye for the essentials in a structured procedure for the working-out of a conflict resolution. In that way, it can encounter the parties to the conflict in a fair and trusting manner.
  • Protection of privacy: the waging of conflicts in public and associated reputation-damaging reports in the media are avoided in the case of business mediation. The mediator’s secrecy obligation ensures that secrecy and confidentiality are maintained during the mediation process.
  • Personal and interpersonal gains: the advantages of successful mediation are especially also supportive and smooth interaction, such as an improved working atmosphere in the company or increased identification with the company.

PKF Fasselt offers business mediation, for example, in the following areas:

  • Conflicts involving company law, such as conflicts between company units, between Group companies, with shareholders, in company succession
  • In-house conflicts, such as conflicts between employee and supervisors, conflicts in the company management, conflicts between company management and work force/works council
  • External business conflicts, such as conflicts with external business partners, suppliers, customers, competitors
  • Other conflicts of every kind related to business
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