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Main focus areas and industries

The main focus of our work is consulting for family-owned companies and international consulting.

We have occupied ourselves for decades with the comprehensive support of medium-sized family-owned enterprises. The main task there is the intermeshing of corporate interests and the interests of the company’s owners and shareholders. Our consulting is in fact not restricted to the straight company level, but optimises this with the inclusion and taking into account of the interests of the shareholder level. This is performed by our partners as all-rounders und as owners of an independent medium-sized consulting company – from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

Worldwide activities have become something taken for granted by medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. The support for our customers in their international environment has therefore been a central area focused on by our service for many years now. With all of our services, whether tax consulting, public accounting, legal advice or corporate finance, we can support you in the international just as well as in the national environment. Serving that purpose is the firm embedding in the PKF network, via which you are effectively supported by our partners in 150 countries all over the world. For that you have your fixed contact person with international expertise locally at our company who, together with his international colleagues from the PKF network, answers your international questions and solves your international problems for you.

Business processes differ not only between the sectors of industry, commerce, financial institutions and public sector, but also considerably within the respective sectors. A power supplier requires business sector know-how different to that for an automotive component supplier. Due to the multi-faceted nature of our work and the variety of customers assisted by us, we have personally or within the PKF network accumulated profound knowledge of many business sectors. Hence we are in a position to support your company not only on a customised basis, but also with sector-specific knowledge – to your advantage.

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