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Proactive advice offers security

The best dispute is always the one that is avoided. In that sense our foresighted consulting for private persons and companies serves the purpose of, as far as possible, avoiding legal disputes.

If a legal dispute cannot be prevented you can rest assured that we will show great commitment in defending your rights.

On the basis of our many years’ experience we can provide you with advice on the main areas of sale of goods law, law of tenancy, law of leasing and work and services as well as on the law regarding general terms and conditions of business.

Our legal experts advise you on the following issues:

  • information on your everyday questions concerning civil law,
  • the development of contracts which are tailored exactly to your own particular situation,
  • the representation of your interests in contract negotiations
  • the offer of services such as contract management, contract controlling or receivables management (debt collection by a lawyer),
  • the enforcement of your claims and the defence against unjustified claims made by third parties,
  • support at arbitration and mediation proceedings,
  • representation at all German local courts, regional courts and higher regional courts.
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