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Optimisation – asset building – asset succession

A central area of our consulting activity is tax consulting for private persons. Besides the determination of income and the declaration to the fiscal authorities, there is a focus in this case on the tax-related optimisation of decisions regarding assets from tax points of view.

Private portfolio decisions should always be made on a long-term basis. Central topics are reliable increase in value and sustainable wealth creation. What is decisive is always finding solutions for you and your family which are tailor-made, generation-spanning solutions.

Proactive structuring concepts

Our specialists advise you on investment decisions and develop concepts for your private asset planning. We check your investments and rate of return expectations, in the area of real property, as regards your commitment on the capital market or personal old-age pension, as regards tax aspects and supply informative calculations and a planning basis to you.

An important subject is asset succession. We advise you in the interests of tax-optimised structuring: from the optimisation of inheritance tax via the formation of family-owned companies in which the assets are accumulated and administered from under one roof, to the setting-up of a foundation.

Personal consulting by your direct contact person can be widened at any time by an interdisciplinary team with experts of our co-operation partners. Besides issues of tax law, with our experts you can, it goes without saying, also discuss and clarify all of the essential civil law issues of inheritance law, family law and company law.

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