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Tax-structuring advice

Every entrepreneurially meaningful decision has tax-related consequences. Also, private wealth-related decisions entail tax effects. We provide tax-structuring advice: in advance of every major decision play through the tax consequences and look for tax-optimised alternatives. We will assist you in this demanding task with our experience and expert knowledge.

Our services for you:

  • Strategic tax planning to reduce your tax burden
  • Examination of the tax impact of forthcoming decisions
  • Advice in connection with tax incentives and investment support
  • Tax burden comparisons / choice of legal form from a tax point of view
  • Tax consulting for the structuring of articles of association
  • Planning and structuring of company split-ups and leasing out of the company
  • Cooperation on tax audits
  • Advice on cross-border investments
  • Investment strategies in the private sphere


Your advantages:

  • By means of structuring tailored to you and/or your company you optimize your tax burden.
  • The comparison of alternative scenarios helps to find the matching solution for you.
  • The weighing-up of all personal, business and legal decision criteria leads to structuring viable in the long-term.
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