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VAT / sales tax – solutions, national and international

The provisions in the area of VAT / sales tax, in particular in the case of cross-border supplies and services, have become a complex set of rules with constant changes due to new court decisions, complicated EU regulations and obligations to report.

Often high administrative costs or financial risks are the result, above all due to faulty accounts.

VAT / sales tax expertise in the international network

Our VAT specialists advise you in close cooperation with the colleagues from our international PKF network on all questions of the VAT-related treatment of national and international business matters. In that case it is important for us, besides the clarification of partially complex individual issues also to give advice on efficient performance of the calculation of VAT / sales tax and to train your employees. Our clients benefit in this context especially from our many years of wide-ranging experience and the regular contact with the fiscal authorities.

Systematic standardisation of international business processes contributes to considerably reducing the complexity and the associated risks.

Through cooperation with our IT experts it is possible to check the correct handling of the VAT / sales tax in your ERP systems. 

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